A Book from Raspberrypi.org "C & GUI PROGRAMMING"

Do You have programming GUI with C, oh there very difficult right ?

There any good news. I have found Book which you can download free and buy print that book at https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/c-gui-programming/. that book have title C & GUI PROGRAMMING. you can learn and review of learning C  and GUI Programming. if you curious of cover this book. i give you the picture.

and there any 156 pages, and have content ie :
  • Create simple command-line C programs
  • Control flow with condition and loops
  • Handle variable, strings, and files
  • Design graphical user interface applications in C
  • Handle user input with buttons and menus
  • Use advanced UI features such as data stores and dialogs.
Author of that book is Simon Long, Simon Long is An engineer working for Raspberry Pi. He responsible for Raspberry Pi Desktop and its application associated. inside this book you can use Raspberry Pi for learning C from basic use CLI until make GUI at Raspberry Pi. with  this book I think now developer  can use Raspberry Pi  with C as language programming, where there have capability to make GUI.

and the end, i hope there any book "Python and GUI Programming". have enjoy of this Book. for link download you can find at this link :

Thank You.

A Book from Raspberrypi.org "C & GUI PROGRAMMING" A Book from Raspberrypi.org "C & GUI PROGRAMMING" Reviewed by rayakyfa on April 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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