How to Setup WiFi and SSH at Raspberry PI without monitor

What do you do if you want to access raspberry pi but do not have monitor? one of the ways that is can remote ssh. what is ssh ?

remote ssh can be briefly explained that a remote computer from another computer via terminal. at Raspberry Pi to be do remote ssh, computer at another side have to one network with Raspberry Pi. so if you want to connect Raspberry Pi to WiFi network, it can be done with configure by file in situation you don't have monitor.

to access partition Raspberry Pi at Linux, it can be easy, because Raspberry Pi partition easily can be read. at windows to read Raspberry Pi partition you have to install third party software, one of them ie paragon software. you can get on below link :

at Raspberry Pi  by default any two partition ie : boot and root, boot have file system FAT so in both Windows and Linux environment it can be access. root partition have file system EXT ie file system Linux based, this partition which only access at Linux environment so at Windows environment you have install third party to access file system ext at Windows. i use paragon software and easily access partition Linux at Windows environment.

if you done can access partition both root and boot so the below step by step configure Raspberry Pi to be remote by ssh.

1. connect Raspberry Pi to WiFi network

to do this. quite easily friends just go to the root partition and visit the file in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf open it with notepad and add at the bottom of the following syntax :


ssid is filled with WiFi name and psk is filled with WiFi password. if the WiFi Transmitter there is no password then simply input the writing as follows:


if you have added the above text according to their respective configuration then save.

finished setting for WiFi configuration then go to second step.

2. Enable SSH at Raspberry Pi

for security reasons by default Raspbian will disable or disable the ssh feature. so we need to enable ssh by file. the steps are quite easy. you just need to create a blank file called "ssh" (without quotation marks) without esktension and is a blank file put on the outer partition boot. just need it.

3. Operate SSH 

when the two steps have been done, then the SD Card is ready to put into Raspberry PI and power - on.

when Raspberry PI is On. wait a while until Raspberry PI connect WiFi or tethering network and do ssh with software your favorite, one of them can with putty. to use fill host name with ip address Raspberry Pi registered on network. to know that you can use Angry IP Scanner software to scan WiFi network. Raspberry hostname by default is raspberrypi.local, port default is 22. if done you can click open button on putty.

you will meet the console which ask login username, by default it is pi and the password is raspberry.  after that you will enter to terminal which terminal at Raspberry Pi open by remotely.

that is my articles. hopefully useful.

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