How to install raspbian stretch on raspberry pi

There are several (more than one) ways to install Raspbian on Raspberry PI, but there is one way that I like, because it is relatively easy, and often works to this day. 

I personally often use memory sd card size 16 GB, so if you have a smaller I suggest to use a minimum sd card size 8 GB, because my experience the size of the Raspbian file itself when extracted about 4GB.

environment to make this Raspbian OS using Microsoft Windows 7. lets directly we start to install Raspbian Strecth on Raspberry PI.

1. Reformat SD Card

To reformat the SD Card memory, I usually need a software, which I do not know why from the beginning I always use to install this Raspbian. software that I can derive from the following URL:

the name of the SDFormatter software.  You can download, then install and use to re-format SD Card, the option format I use is: QUICK FORMAT, FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT OFF after that you can click the format and wait for it to finish.

2. Download / Download Raspbian Image

The Official Raspberry PI site provides an image for the Raspbian OS, along with links to download various OSs that can be installed on Raspberry PI

select Raspbian and the image to be downloaded is large which is about 1.7 GB

3. Write the Raspbian Image file to SD Card memory

to write this image file required Win32DiskImager software that you can download on the following sites:

after finished install then open the software. how to use it is on the image column select the image Raspbian that has been downloaded and then extracted and become a .img file. this .img file is inserted into the image field.

then in the Device field select Drive memory SD Card located. remember you dont choose the wrong drive! because it will cause the wrong format.

after making sure the two columns are correct then execute by pressing the Write button.

then Wait for it to finish.

4. Plug into Raspberri PI

when done. remove the SD Card memory from your computer / laptop, then input to Raspberry PI and turn on Raspberry PI. it will Raspberry PI will install Instant OS Raspbian.

it was 4 ways to install Raspbian on Rasberry PI in Windows environment. May be useful...
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