7 Basic Things About Raspberry PI

A basic question that might be some people asking what is Raspberry Pi ?

In short Raspberry Pi is a computer in amount of credit cards. where there is already a computer system inside it that is microprocessor , RAM, and I/O.

from the first time out, Raspberry PI changes in terms of technology inside it that adds the ability eg processor speed and RAM capacity as well as the addition of other peripherals such as BlueTooth and WiFi Adapter.

the last version of raspberry pi is Raspberry PI 3 B + with the specs of Broadcom BCM2837BO processor, Cortex-A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.4GHz. 1 GB RAM, there is bluetooth, WiFi Adapter, USB, LAN, HDMI and so forth.

But before Raspberry PI like now, there are 7 basic things you need to know about Raspberry PI.

1. Created for the first time by the Raspberry PI Foundation

Raspberry PI Foundataion is a charity which build for purpose reintroducing basic computer systems in schools in the UK and in developing countries. 

The idea behind Raspberry PI is to produce generation of programmers like the microcomputer revolution of the 1980s. although the first goal is to teach to schools, but in reality now most Raspberry PI is used in the field of robotics and automation also in the field of IoT.

2. Name Raspberry PI consists of two words namely Raspberry and PI

Raspberries are inspired by well known vendors who use fruits as a brand for example Apple, Blackberry, Apricot. while PI stands for Python.

because the first time Raspberry PI was made to have a Python interpreter inside. so for the development of Raspberry PI itself it feels better to use Pyhton module for tools programming, but like most linux OS, Raspbian Raspbian PI is also available in other programming languages such as C + +, C and others.

3. Raspberry processor PI uses the same processor on a Smartphone that is ARM

because the processor using ARM, then the OS that may be installed is a Linux-based,

different from Microsoft Windows OS designed for computer system type with processor of x86 architecture. but there are already Windows 10 IoT that can be installed on Raspberry PI.

4. Small but incredibly capable

with the size of a credit card. Raspberry PI is capable of providing capabilities such as running word processing programs, spreadsheets, watching movies with HD quality with HDMI output capable of providing resolutions up to 1080p.

5. Evolve quickly

The ability of Raspberry PI 3 is 10 times the performance of Raspberry PI first generation. with this ability Raspberry PI is able to adapt to the needs of computing needs to evolve constantly.

6. There is no RTC or Real Time Clock on Raspberry PI

programs running on Raspberry PI can take time from Network Time Server or user input when first booting.
for the purposes of Raspberry PI file system save time when shutdown. and use it again at start up. there is an external RTC module that can be connected to I2C.

7. There is GPIO or General Pin Input Output

GPIO is an I / O that we can program with Pyhton programming language to extract High and Low data,

same as in microcontroller. so even though Raspberry PI can be used in high applications. but not forgetting to provide facilities to provide a low Pin I / O programming. with this we can make Led application running as often used in microcontroller and Arduino.

It is the 7 basic things about Raspberry PI that I can convey on this occasion. hopefully provide additional knowledge to new learners or use Raspberry PI. with the initial goal of noble manufacture to encourage a new generation of computer system learning. let's use Raspberry PI to realize the ideas in the field of computer systems to encourage the advancement of knowledge in the field of computer systems.
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